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CuboBuddy, a robotic educational toy, is the first element of the Cubomania blockchain eco-system. The main purpose of the toy is to provide complex interaction between a user and an AI-based character with integrated educational programs.
CuboApp is a mobile application that connects the source of educational content on the blockchain and the CuboBuddy educational toy. CuboApp can also be used for accessing educational content independent of the toy, which can be regarded as an extension of the CuboApp.
Cubomania blockchain marketplace and workshop are the key elements of the eco-system. Blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface is expected to ease the process of content creation and distribution as well as grant teachers and pedagogues maximum protection of their intellectual property.
CuboCore Robot Operating System is a robot operating system with built-in educational programs that can be installed on any kind of IoT based devices: drones, toys, robot constructors. CuboCore provides full integration with the Cubomania educational platform.

Why we are here?

We aim to reshape the market of educational content distribution and give opportunity to educators and tutors from all around the world to start selling their personalized educational programs. Think of Cubomania as of Ebay and Coursera combined.

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Global Market + analytics

The education market volume is 165 billion dollars. Thanks to the strong growth momentum, the digital part of the industry is projected to surpass the $ 240 billion mark by 2023 adding more than 5% a year./Global Market Insights/
The education market has the second highest CAGR indicator (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in the world economy – 68%.

Cubomania Today

  • Award winning IoT-based toy ready for mass production
  • Alpha version of the educational platform, blockchain workshop (manage and create characters and educational programs) and marketplace (purchase and sell customized characters and educational programs)
  • Strong support from advisers with over 25 years of experience in innovative education
  • Early development stage - Blockchain CuboCore TM Operating system for smart toys, robotics and IoT powered devices

How Smart Contract Works

Implementation of the cutting-edge blockchain technology will enable members of the education industry to create customized curriculum as well as interactive programs and offer them directly to the market as the platform operates using a decentralised payment system to ensure safe transactions. The crypto trading apps like bitqt app use algorithms to execute the trade autonomously. The learners can gain some practical trading knowledge when they register for demo account. This gives them the knowledge to understand how the app works without the acitve involvement of the user.
Blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface is expected to ease the process of content creation and grant teachers and pedagogues maximum protection of their intellectual property

how it works

WIFI connect
A simple cube model integrated with the majority of compound building kits is the best foundation for the development of spatial thinking.
Good habits
Doing simple homework assignments while playing a child develops healthy habits.
A little helper lives in each cube. Create unique characters using blockchain. You can buy, sell or exchange characters in'Cubomania marketplace.
sustainability and safety
The toy is made of sustainable materials and has high strength properties.

Worldwide recognition

For this year we have taken part in 12 events including startup battles, technological forums and international exhibitions.
Our product won a prestigious startup battle Vernadsky Challenge 2017 with the prize money of 70 thousand US dollars. We have entered TOP 12 Ukrainian projects represented at the main event of Hardware industry CES 2018 Las Vegas. And we have just warmed up.


Press about us

The activity of the company receives constant media coverage.
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from Las-Vegas CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018
Photo from CES 2018


CEO Cubomania

maksim musiyenko

Founder, CEO Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

16 years in academic education; Author of more than 500 scientific papers, more than 200 patents, and 3 monographs; Scientific advisor; award winner of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for contribution of youth to the Government development (2003); Scholar of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2008) .                                   


Software Developer

Master in Computer Science, over 7+ years of experience; Responsible for the core development of our platforms; Recently had a successful experience at Hostopia, IQRIA as a full stack software developer.


Hardware Developer

Programming skills of STM8, STM32 and other microcontrollers with ARM architecture in the programming environment: Keil, Ride, Cosmic, STM32CubeMX, Simulink for embedded solutions; selection of optimal electronic components, development of circuit diagram with further pcb trace in the Allegro software environment.


Co-founder, CTO,
PhD in Computer Engineering

3+ years of experience in embedded development and software engineering; Has experience with modern microcontrollers and FPGA, successful implementation of telecommunications systems and IoT-projects.


Product Manager, PhD in economics, associate professor

Has 10 years of experience in foreign trade; Commodities expert, specialization - determining the country of origin of goods in accordance with national and international legislation; Coordinator of the socio-economic micro-projects under the British Council; Has conducted scientific research in transport logistics.


Chief Financial Officer,
PhD in Finance

Competent (expert) in banking credit and project finance; Acting Dean of Economic Science Faculty of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.



Forward-thinking developer offering more than six years of experience building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform; Created 10+ fully functional applications for Android devices; Expert in interaction between various devices and versions of Android.



Has over 15 years of working experience in electronics; Expertise in VHDL/Verilog designs for Altera/Xilinx FPGA and CPLD; Extensive experience with Xilinx and Altera tools; SoPC for Altera Avalon,Xilinx AXI, Xilinx PLB and Wishbone FPGA designs; Proficient in FPGA design verification.



10+ years of experience in microelectronics; Develops automated microprocessor systems for industry and households; Teaches a class on building electronic devices and software development at higher educational establishments; Has extensive experience in teaching school-age children.

  • Is the cube Lego-compatible? \ Is the cube compatible with Lego bricks?

    Sure thing! Compatibility with Lego bricks is one of the special features of the cubes. The top and bottom surfaces of the cube are covered with studs which can be connected to Lego pieces. Beside that, cubes with engines can be connected to all motorized toys made from Lego pieces. In this case, side surfaces are used as well. Furthermore, the cube is sold complete with the instructions on how to assemble several basic items made from LEGO pieces.

  • What about LEGO Mindstorm? Do you plan to make the cube compatible with it or do you plan to integrate it into the Cube?

    LEGO Mindstorm is a relatively complex construction set for children aged 12 and older. Cubomania is a simplified construction set for children aged 4 to 10 which a child will use to assemble the first robot in their life. A platform for making programs in order to contol robots is also simplified. This has been done to make it easy to use even for little kids. External pieces of a construction set may be used in the first stage of LEGO Mindstorm production with Cubomania cubes. However, in the near future we are planning to integrate it with LEGO Mindstorm, when both construction sets will work together.

  • Will there be any software that will teach children to create their characters in a playful form?

    Definitely, yes! A child will have a choice either to choose from the catalogue of existing characters or create their own. At the same time a child will have an opportunity to model his character and other characteristics.

  • How long is the battery life?

    It depends on the functions a child uses: either it is a large-scale video streaming with a continuous work of the engine or just LED flashing. A cube will work from 2-3 hours (at least) and up to 10 and more hours. In some functions it can work even while being charged - in this case the time of its work is unlimited.

  • Will you use high quality materials or cheap Chinese plastic?

    Only certified high-quality products! All the parameters and characteristics both of the body and all parts of the cube comply with technical regulations for children's toys. Ensuring the health of children is our top priority!

  • What's the point of making it compatible with Lego bricks?

    The use of LEGO parts allows to develop children's creativity, motor skills and imagination. Using the same parts a child will be able to make a rocket, a car, a robot and so on - it is a never-ending creative process. Moreover, it will give a second life to LEGO construction sets bought earlier, which is very important for parents.

  • Will it be possible to breed characters like in CryptoKitties?

    Of course! A child will have space for creating their types of mixed characters and their personality traits.

  • I have seen plenty of characteristics in your whitepaper. How will they be expressed in a square cube without hands and legs?

    Hands and legs are modelled with the help of engines (flexible, movable) or LEGO parts (immovable or less movable: with hinge joints). What is more, all the mentioned characteristics are modelled programmatically and displayed in the character on touchscreen.

  • There is a robot on caterpillar tracks in the picture on your site! Will it be possible to make such robots?

    Definitely yes! It will be possible to make robots both on caterpillar tracks and wheels as well as other elements kids will think of. There are assembly instructions of a few basic models made of LEGO parts in the cube kit. In addition, children can create their own solutions and share them with others.

  • Why does a cube need a barometer?

    The cube has a large number of in-built sensors with the help of which a child gets to know the properties of the world and then uses them for programming a robot. A barometer will help a child learn about pressure.

  • Will a cube interact with the Internet?

    Certainly! It is one of its main features. The cube is an element of IoT-technology. There is a Wi-Fi module in the cube through which it gets connected to Wi-Fi network and the Internet, which creates plenty of opportunities of interaction with the Internet.

  • Is it possible to make an advanced babyphone on its basis?

    Yes. There are a sound sensor (a microphone) and a loudspeaker in the basic model of the cube. And as the cube is connected to the Internet (there is a Wi-Fi module in it) there is an opportunity to use it as a babyphone. There is a special software support for this. Advanced models provide an opportunity to use a video camera.

  • Is a cube something similar to a control unit like in LEGO Mindstorms?

    That's right! In terms of robotics it is simplified to allow a little kid to play and programme it. However, it has its advantages: a colour screen (not black and white like in LEGO Mindstorms) and an opportunity to use characters in the cube. What is more, side occupancy sensors in the cube make it possible to create new games from a few cubes.

  • It's not clear how a child will interact with it. What is its feedback?

    A cube has sensors and executive units: engines, a display, a loudspeaker, light-emitting diodes. The cube reacts accordingly to how a child deals with a cube (either they speak, touch, put it in water and so on). It can display something on the screen, change the mode under which the engine operates, light LED up, make some sound in the loudspeaker and so on. As there is a Wi-Fi module in the cube, a child has a variety of opportunities to use the Internet, to the point where parents will somehow remotely influence their child through the cube.

  • What is the sense of the character?

    A character is a very important key distinctive element making our project different from other projects-prototypes. It's important for a child to be friends with somebody, to communicate. A child can disobey parents, quarrel with peers, withdraw into themselves. But they will always be friends with a fictional character. Especially if this fictional character will be their favourite cartoon or film character or just a character from a their imagination. It's always pleasant to communicate with him, study together, do morning exercises and so on. It's a key element of child's personality development. Parents will be able to influence their child through the character, teach and develop them. And it will always be pleasant for a child to play with such a toy. It's especially important for children with autism. The project includes AI elements, which will significantly improve communication of a child and a character.

  • What educational institutions in the USA do you plan to cooperate with?

    The CEO of the project is Maksym Musiyenko - Doctor of Technical Science, Professor of National University, who has plenty of agreements both with European and Asian, American and other institutions. To date, thanks to the Fulbright Program, the flagship international educational exchange programme, University staff members have visited American universities MIT Caltech, Cornell University of Princeton and many others a number of times. The CEO of the project visited Stanford University after CES-2018 in Las Vegas in January 2018 where he also established contacts. We plan close cooperation on the topic of the project with all these unisversities.

  • Will a child interact with a character via mobile phone?

    There are several channels of interaction. When the programme is recorded in the cube a child interacts with the character directly playing with the cube: via sensors and touch-screen. However, there is a Wi-Fi module in the cube. It makes it possible to interact with the character through any device that is connected to Wi-Fi: a mobile phone, a tablet, etc. What is more, the cube is connected to the Internet, which means a child can interact with the character through the Internet, for example, with the help of a desktop computer.